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Horse racing betting what is meaning of rail setting buffalo wild wings and sports betting

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How This Man Profited $1 Billion Betting on Hong Kong Horse Races


It means that your bet is split into 2 half for the win, half for the horse placing 2nd, 3rd, or, in a race with lots of horses, Take a big race such as The Grand National. Your horse has odds of 201 to win.

If it doesn't win but comes 2nd, or and you bet each way, you will get 14 of the starting price 201.

10 each way total stake of If the horse wins 201 you will win. Fixed odds are usually set a week or two prior, and should the horse or grey place, you receive the fixed price at the time of going to market so for example, punting on the Melbourne Cup today means set prices that won't waver or alter as the race approaches.

You receive more money as the risk is a great deal more to place. What Does Starting Price SP Mean? So, how do handicaps work in horse racing? A handicap race is where each horse is allocated a weight based on their perceived ability by a Handicapper' in order to level the playing field and give every horse an equal chance of winning.

Famous handicap races include the Grand National UK and the Melbourne Cup Australia. A horse racing form card or racecard has a deliberate hierarchy and gives you information about each race. Being able to read a horse racing form card is, understandably, very important if you want to be successful. So when you’re betting on a horse, take a look at the surface it’ll be racing on. Especially with deeper ground, previous form on the surface can be essential, so don’t go backing your horses blind without checking their preferred surfaces!

You will be amazed if you break down stable winners by months, how often the pattern repeats itself Ian Marmion, Head of Victor Chandler, Just as important as the horse you’re betting on is the trainer who’s reared it. As our blog about betting statistics explains, Nicky Henderson frequently wins at Newbury, while Donald. A scratch in horse racing simply means that a horse that was entered to run in a race will not be running in that race. There are all sorts of reasons that a horse can be scratched from a race.

First off is because of a decision by an owner or a trainer. Sometimes a trainer will enter a horse in two or more different races at the same time, and then wait until closer to the day of the race to decide which one sets up better for the horse.

Other times, a trainer will scratch a horse if the conditions of the racing surface aren’t going to be ideal - like if rain has made a turf course too soft f. Taking Your Horse Race Betting to the Next Level.

Horse racing is the third most popular sport to bet on in America, which is pretty impressive considering that it comes in regarding the number of people who watch it. The truth is that horse racing is not valued for the thrill of the sport itself, the main reason that people watch it is because they want to bet on it.

Essentially, you choose a horse, set your own odds, and offer a stake amount, and you hope that another person bets the opposite of your selection. Exchange betting allows people to make lay bets against a horse. Place bets are great for times when you think that your horse has a pretty good chance of winning but you’re not sure, because it allows you to hedge your bet a little.

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Horse racing definition a sport in which people race on horses, usually to win money for the horses' owners. Not many people bet on election outcomesbets are mostly on horse racing, dog racing and that sort of thingbut people can bet on other activities.

Example from the Hansard archive.

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Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v The yield from the horse racing betting tax in the past 12 months was about million. Betting on horse racing or horse betting commonly occurs at many horse races.

It started in the UK in the early s during the reign of King James I. Gamblers can stake money on the final placement of the horses taking part in a race. Gambling on horses is, however, prohibited at some racetracks.

For example, because of a law passed in, betting is illegal in Springdale Race Course, home of the nationally renowned Toronto-Dominion Bank TD Bank Carolina Cup and Colonial Cup Steeplechase in. Place Bets A Place bet means you are betting on a horse to run 1st, or The odds for finishing or will be a fraction of the price for the horse to win. Each Way Bet An Each Way bet is very popular and means you are in fact making two separate bets one for the win and one for a place in the top three or four depending on the size of the race.

Tricasts is a bet where you are attempting to predict which horses will run 1st, 3rd. Once you've mastered the basics of the online betting market and picked out the most suitable wagers for your style and bankroll, then it's time to ante-up and put your money where your mouth is.

Naturally, knowing what bets are on offer is all well and good, but that doesn't mean you're ready to rumble. Set weights races are also available for horses and mares. WEIGHT FOR AGE A race where a horse will carry a set weight in accordance with the Weight for AgeWFA Scale. This weight varies depending on the horse’s age, sex, race distance, and month of the year. These races are usually Group races for high quality gallopers and more often than not Group 1 or Group 2 races.

What are the different types of racing bets? Learn about the most common horse racing bet types available in Australia. Find out how to read and understand a horse racing form guide.

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British horse racing is the envy of the racing world with our abundance of outstanding horses. Yet the sport needs to work harder to connect with a wider public.

This is, no doubt, a result of a significantly more competitive betting and leisure environment so we have to raise our game. There are 59 different racecourses in the U.K. Every day there are opportunities to bet on trotters and Thoroughbreds at tracks around the globe. Apart from the thrill of watching beautiful creatures round the turn and speed toward the finish line, there is money to be made in horse racing.

And now, thanks to the Internet, it is possible to get in on the action from anywhere a computer can be hooked up online. All it takes to start winning is a little knowledge of handicapping and a few quid to wager. Watching horse racing at the higher levels of the sport is a wonderful experience.

I’m really not much for any other forms of gambling, and personally don’t see the fun in losing my shorts in some dark, smoky casino. But horse racing I like it feels like entertainment, an experience, an outing. So now you know how to place a bet at the horse races. With that bit of info, you can go to any track in America and have a good time picking a random horse and betting your 2 on each race. But if you’re like most people, your goal isn’t to simply pay 2 to watch a bunch of horses run around a track.

You actually want to win some money.

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With regards to horse racing, 'lay betting' means to place a bet on a horse to lose, rather than to win. This, in many cases, would increase the odds of winning. However, care must be taken because if the horse in question wins, you have to pay out. What does to be placed mean in horse racing? The place spot in horse racing would be considered second place.

What does TAB mean in horse racing? In horse racing in Australia and New Zealand, TAB is an acronym that stands for Totalisator Agency Board.

Totalisator refers to the large tote boards that calculate and display the betting odds. Horse racing, more than any other sport, lends itself to many people trying to sell a potpourri of information to players.

Tip sheets, data programs, betting strategies, pedigree analysis, and on and on and on. Some of the information that is out there is great and some is pure crap. If you are just starting out in this game, start slow. Pick up a Form and take it piece by piece. A set of past performances provides clues to all four of these handicapping pillars, clues that the player must decipher in order to place a winning bet. Learning to read a set of past performances isn't difficult but it's also something perfected over time.

Just watching horse racing is great, but the true thrill of the game is the ability to put your money where you mouth is and bet on the horses. Horse racing is an ancient sport that is ingrained in many cultures and every level of society. This traditional sport has been active in one form or another for many thousands of years. In earliest times, it consisted simply of pitting horses with riders against one another to determine who was fastest, strongest and most skilled.

The bond between horse and rider was an important aspect of the sport. It is believed that the Romans brought horse racing to what is now the United Kingdom in the early Century. The first recorded race took place in an area that is now called Smithfield in northwestern London. Horse racing has always been popular with royalty, and none more so than the royal family of England. Horse Racing Betting Guide Taking Care of the Basics.

As with most skills, success when betting on horses only comes after you’ve dedicated a fair amount of time perfecting your craft and learning from your mistakes and sometimes, most importantly of all, a little bit of luck! What is meant by a good work out will depend on the length of the race at hand, however somewhere around the half mile mark is a good indicator.

Always check the odds prices of the competitors. The odds price of a given selection reflects the chances of the horse actually winning according to the bookmaker’s research and calculations. Make sure that you put aside a set amount of money each week or month for betting. This should be extra funds that you would normally use for leisure activities.

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If a horse is withdrawn from a race, the remaining horses stand a better chance of winning. Therefore, their odds are reduced to reflect their new chances. Rule 4 deductions can come as a bit of a shock to punters who don’t usually bet on horses and panic may set in when you realise your returns are nowhere near what you expected them to be.

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Let’s say that you backed the favourite in a race at odds of 41 with the favourite being odds-on at 46. The favourite then withdraws from the race which means your horse is now the new favourite but you backed it at 41 which doesn’t reflect it’s new. Horse Racing betting odds schedule Today Click here to compare odds and lines from world's top Bookmakers Maximize your winnings with Oddspedia!

What is a win single bet in Horse Racing? It is the most straightforward way in which you can bet on horse racing. It consists of backing a horse selection to win the race they are running in. This is the best market for horse racing betting novices but there are so many other bets you can place on horse racing. What does SP mean in Horse Racing betting? SP abbreviature stands for the horse’s starting price. This would be the final price of the horse at the time of the race start.

By using SP, instead of current price when betting on a horse race you take a gamble if the starting price might b. Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the betting market worldwide. This means that punters of different levels have many strategies that help them succeed in winning and being successful in their wagers. Horse betting has something for all, whether you are still a novice or an expert there is always something to new to learn on different strategies that might appeal to you.

Strategies help the bettor pick the right selections when one wants to invest more in a race. Here at Alpha Sports betting, we want all our readers to progress in the betting world, hence it would be easier for you t.

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It means the horse 'refused to race when the race ufva.us's what Sariska did in the at York today, she stayed put in the stalls when the race ufva.us is also the case when national hunt horses stand still at the starting ufva.usunately as they have come under starting orders any bets on the horses are losing. RR- Round Robin- Is a bet consisting of 10 bets 3 pairs of "Single Stakes About" bets plus 3 doubles and 1 treble involving three selections in different events. RR- Round Robin in US Is series of three or more teams into two-team wagers. Glossary of Horse Racing and Racebook Betting Terms.

Some horse racing handicappers make the mistake of assuming everyone knows how to understand them. I like Gobbledygook and Crazy Verbs for a boxed exacta bet, a track blogger recommends. Each has an average Beyer, but their sires were fast on heavy. Firstly, over racing means the horse wants to go faster and is fighting against the restraint imposed by the jockey. Pulling will drain the runner of vital strength required at the end of the race. The plastic fence or running rail that horses follow around the racecourse.

The rail is often movable to ensure the ground remains as even as possible after wear and tear. The general rule is the further the rail is out, the more the frontrunners are favoured. Discover how to read horse racing odds and calculate payoffs in a pari-mutuel system, and find an explanation of multi-race and exotic wagering too!

But understanding how to read horse racing odds is actually simple. Odds are the return you can expect to get if the horse you bet on is successful. It reflects the amount of money bet on a horse the more money that is invested, the shorter the odds. When horse racing odds are shown in the form of, etc, it expresses the amount of profit to the amount invested.

So odds of mean that for every 2 invested, the punter gets 7 profit in return. This means when you bet 2, the total return if the bet is successful is 9. Similarly, if a horse is at even money ie, it’s 2 profit f.

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Our horse racing experts here at ufva.us will often provide a nap but exactly is a nap? Here's our betting guide to what a nap is in horse racing.

The popularity of Napoleon meant that phrase became used in other contexts including horse racing where it was shortened to the nap hand’.

That’s a phrase you will still hear in racing. For example, if a trainer trains the three shortest priced horses in a race you will hear people saying that they hold the nap hand for that race. Receive 10 Free Sports Bets, valid on set events only at odds or greater, expires in 7 days, plus a 10 Casino Bonus, expires in 7 days. Wager the Casino Bonus to withdraw winnings. CreditDebit card deposits only. When betting on horse racing, one of the most important things to have an understanding of is the different types of races.

There are two very distinctive codes of racing Flat racing and National Hunt Racing with both providing high quality racing throughout the year. This will assist you with betting responsibly betting on horses is for entertainment after all but also to see what is working for you and what isn’t.

With so much racing going on of a daily basis across Ireland and the UK it is near impossible to monitor the form of every horse, but what you can do is find the types of races that you have the most success on. In doing this, you will also be able to mark off racing types that you haven’t been so lucky with.

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This means that the horse has won or has been placed in a Group or Listed encounter. Once the horse has won one of these races, their form written in either a form book or a sales catalogue will be printed in bold black ink and in capitals hence the use of the term Black Type’. In Europe, the best races on the flat are referred to as Group 1. A horse needs an official rating of at least to enter one of these races 2 year olds must be rated or above.

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To enter a Group 2 race, a horse must be rated at.

RaceBets offers betting markets for more Black Type’ races than any other bookmaker. No other betting site compares, if you enjoy having a punt on the best races taking place all over the world! View Today’s Betting Markets Now. Australian Horse Racing Betting Glossary. Australian horse racing is a popular part time in this country especially during the major autumn and spring racing carnivals and you need to be aware of the most common racing terms that are used regularly in Australia.

Horse racing Info has made it easy for you by providing a racing glossary below. Mudlark A horse that races well on rain affected tracks especially in heavy conditions. Mug Punter A punter that regularly loses his money when betting. Learn how to price a horse race and set your own odds by framing your own betting market. What are the different types of racing bets? Learn about the most common horse racing bet types available in Australia. Effectively means putting on two bets one to win, and one to place.

Usually only offered in racing and outright’ market contexts, an Each Way bet allows the customer to stake money on both their selection winning and finishing in one of the pre-set place positions second, third etc.

Each Way betting gives you a return even if your horse doesn’t win. In horse racing, your nag finishing first or second in a field of between five and seven entries will see a place return. In a race with between eight and fifteen runners, all punters receive a place return should their selections be either first, second or third. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for bookmakers to pay out on horses finishing in fourth, fifth and even sixth place in even larger fields.

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Horse Racing terms and Horse betting terms glossary for Off Track Betting. Horse racing terminology, jargon, slang, vocabulary for online horse betting. Bookmakers use these approximates as a guide to set their boards.

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Where a variation in odds available allows a punter to back both sides and guarantee a win. A horse which is backed-in means that bettors have outlaid a lot of money on that horse, with the result being a decrease in the odds offered. In a standing start event, which is handicapped, the horse who is given the biggest handicap is known as the backmarker. In this video horse racing expert Stephen Harris explains what is each-way betting in horse racing terminology.

To subscribe to Stephen’s tips via email, go. The tips, betting odds, racecards and results from Southwell racecourse, including archived race results from previous meetings. 3 x Bet Boosts on horse racing singles per customer, per day. On EW bets, only 'win' part boosted. Layer restrictions terms apply. Place a Race Winner bet on any ITV race with six or more runners and if your horse comes second, Betway will refund you in the form of a Free Bet up to Minimum stake per bet 5 or customer currency equivalent, see below table - 5 win or each way.

Maximum Free Bet 20 or customer currency equivalent, see below table. Betting on horse racing may be exciting, but as a bettor, you must be aware how tough is it to win. However, with the advent of online horse race betting, the chances of winning have improved.

For a However, what constitutes a good money management plan? It is optimal betting which means that you must keep your betting records to calculate your winning percentage. Maintaining a betting record helps you to identify your weaknesses. Also, adjusting your edge with every wagers will help you win. In such case, if your edge decreases, so does your wager too. Never increase your wager more than 5 of your bankroll because while betting on horse racing it can be long losing streaks.

Spare sufficient bankroll just for horse racing wagering.

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Betting on lower odds horses will result in a higher frequency of smaller wins and betting on a higher odds horse will result in lower frequenzy of larger wins, but the total profit, in the long run, is still the same.

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If you just want a quick rule to follow Don't bet if both horse 1 and horse 2 are Evens or 21.

I would suggest not to look at win rate, but instead look at expected return for each race. If the expected return is over you will make a profit in the long run, regardless of which horse you bet on. Betting on lower odds horses will result in a higher frequency of smaller wins and betting on a higher odds horse will result in lower frequenzy of larger wins, but the total profit, in the long run, is still the same.

If you just want a quick rule to follow Don't bet if both horse 1 and horse 2 are Evens or 21. Horse Racing Free Bets Betting Offers. Check out our Horse Racing Betting Sites for details of the other top bookies we feature here. With the likes of BetVictor, Ladbrokes, Coral and less well known bookies such as racing specialist bookie RaceBets. What makes a good horse racing free bet? Free bets come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 5 upwards. But it is not just the size of a free bet that should catch your eye, there are a number of other questions that should be asked when you consider whether a free bet is worth its salt.

Of course, the factor that should be of primary concern when picking a. Horse racing is one of the only sports that allow fans to participate in the game directly, through wagering. Millions of dollars are bet each day on races in North America, enticing players to put their And what is your horse’s post position? Has she run a race like this in the past and done well?

You may want to consider other horse's post positions, too. Have everyone agree to a basic set of guidelines before participating in any betting. Some people may argue that they won while others lost establish protocol before this happens. Horse Racing Betting Sites Horse Racing, the 'the sport of kings', is one of the oldest sports that you can still bet on in the modern day. Horse Racing is estimated to be worth nearly billion to the UK economy alone responsible directly or indi Markets don't come more competitive than racing but this doesn’t mean some bookies are not better than others.

Here we highlight some of the online bookmakers with the best horse racing features, offers and bets to help you get the maximum value and enjoyment form your racing bets. What is a favourite in horse racing? This simply the horse with the lowest odds at the time you place your bet. In close races, especially those with a big field number or runners, the favourite can change several times before the start of the race.

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How Does a Single Handicap Work? What Sports Can Handicaps Be Used For? What is Asian Handicap Betting? Handicapped betting is an alternative way to bet on certain events. For instance, if a professional m sprinter lined up against the average bloke off the street, you would expect the professional sprinter to win every time.

This would be boring to bet on, and you would never get interesting odds. How about if you gave the average bloke a head start? Tennis handicaps can be applied to either sets or games. If the handicap applies to games, then all the games from the match will be totalled up to form the outcome, which might not necessarily be the same as the winner of the match.

What is Asian Handicap Betting.

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Rail Bird Horse Betting Horse Racing Tips Lost Money Racing News Home Jobs Pitch Horses Stars. Want to try your luck in but afraid of losing money? Tipstermaster provides you the horse race betting tips. We have experience of 40 years in horse racing and with that experience, we created proven winning methods that will surely help you in horse betting. Want to know how to win horse racing bet?

Our service associated with this ancient means of pleasure will always be at your service for a better achievement. Want to win big in horse race betting then follow our free horse racing tips and take home a large sum of money.

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An outbreak of equine flu has led to British horse racing meetings being cancelled and fears over the impact on next month's Cheltenham Festival. Equine flu Inside the Newmarket laboratory that detected the outbreak.

An outbreak of equine flu has led to British horse racing meetings being cancelled and fears over the impact on next month's Cheltenham Festival. All four fixtures on Thursday were called off by the British Horseracing Authority BHA after three vaccinated horses tested positive for the disease.

Trainer Donald McCain has confirmed the horses came from his Cheshire stables. Horses from the infected yard raced on Wednesday, potentially exposing a significant number of horses. British-trained runners have been barred fr.

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This standard was set up to simplify the process of creating races for horses of a certain age. For example, the Kentucky Derby is restricted to three year olds. During the young horse’s first autumn, they are separated from the mother and grouped together with other weaklings’ continuing to grow and learn. The following Spring, the developing horses, now known as yearlings’ will begin to be taught the ways of the racetrack. Beginning with the first days of placing a saddle on their back, they are being trained for a career at the races.

The young horses begin training at on their home’.

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Horse Races are one of the newly added features in BitLife where you bet on 1 of 5 horses and double your money if it wins. The results are completely random so you basically have a 20 or 1 out of 5 win chance with any bet. What’s peculiarly funny with this is that the horses were all named following some suggestions from the fans but in any case, what you can get out of this is essentially similar to what you can from the casino.

But what if you can always win with every bet you make? What if somehow, your virtual character in BitLife has a limited ability to turn back time? The truth is, that is precisely what seems to be the case in the game right now. The journal-like main screen is where every event and every scenario in the game gets written down and recorded.

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Horse Racing Trading Strategies Where Do You Start! Of all the trading opportunities on the exchange, horse racing holds the most. With so many races, day after day, week after week, you only need a small average return to be highly successful. But where the hell do you start? It’s often quite daunting at first, but one things for sure it’ll never get boring. What Is Over-Trading and How To Avoid It? Over-Trading is basically when you are trading too much.

You are opening too many positions, or trading too many races during the course of one session. Horse Racing trading is a game of fine margins, over-trading can really kill your profit. Everyone with experience knows that over-trading is always hard to avoid taking discipline. But the experienced trader also knows how important it is to avoid.

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That’s great, Horse Race Predictor is going to complement it and boost your profitability. It will give you access to a 247 updating prediction menu for every single UK Irish horse race, that will enhance any style of betting. Still looking for a strategy that wins? So What Is The Horse Race Predictor? The Horse Race Predictor is abespoke user friendly web-based software application.

Just think about having a selection ofdifferent betting strategiesthat would meet any set of race circumstances and turn them into winning runs. Just consider enjoyingaccess to a reliable companion thatdirected you to the meetings, the races and the horsesyou need to be betting on,to finally make the daily profits you have searching for.

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Take a look at our 5 best horse racing betting apps. Find out which ones belong on your device and what bonus you can expect for signing up! This is the art of betting on horse races in the future.

All the best horse racing betting apps allow you to do this. This is particularly prevalent in the big festivals and races of the year, such as Cheltenham or the Grand National.

BOG means that if the starting price is bigger than the price you took, you will still be paid out at the largest odds, should the selection win.

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Find here our horse racing betting tips for today and tomorrow! You really won’t find a better site around to pick up tips on the latest horse races, bookmaker offers and the best markets available, no matter what the race, no matter where in the world.

+ many other betting promotions! Our horse racing predictions only give you the best odds on the best value markets meaning you really do get the ultimate opportunity to maximise those winnings. Latest Horse Racing Predictions. Horse Of The Day Betting Tips - NAP Of The Day. Today's Southwell horse racing predictions, tips and free bets. Today's Newcastle horse racing predictions, tips and free bets. Today's Exeter horse racing tips, predictions and free bets.

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Betting on horse racing or horse betting commonly occurs at many horse races. Gamblers can stake money on the final placement of the horses taking part in a race. Gambling on horses is, however, prohibited at some racetracks one such is Springdale Race Course, home of the nationally renowned Toronto-Dominion Bank. Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport, typically involving two or more horses ridden by jockeys over a set distance for competition. It is one of the most ancient of all.

Horse racing at Golden Gate Fields.

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Horse betting is one of the best ways for punters to make a profit. It involves predicting horse race outcome in the betting online sites. Are you finding it hard understanding a horse race bet game? All you need is horse betting site review to discover the best sites Here is everything you need to know horse betting. Otherwise, what is the use of staking without making money? Diverse payment methods and deep markets give clients plenty of options.

Overall, it can provide you with a daily income if you gamble responsibly.

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Getting into the betting zone with our daily horse racing tips. Analysis using a mixture of speed and sectional ratings to produce value bets. Hasn't raced for days and first start for new yard. But all-weather record is and runner-up on All-Weather Final's Day last year. If fit, he is the best horse in the race.

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The best of really legal online wagering for US players. Bet online on Horse races at trusted, licensed and proven bookmakers. Get 20 Free Bet Betting Comparison.

It's good to check what are the requirements on the betting site that you will use. If you don't see your state in the registration list, you can not proceed to the next step. If you need further assistance, please contact the customers support - usually they are available through live chat, toll free number, email and local offices for some states.

Some links on the website are affiliate links, this means that we may receive commission or bonus if you sign up andor bet. Home - FAQ - Contact - Sitemap - Terms of use - Disclaimer - Disclosure.

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Our expert horse racing tipsters are proven over years, bringing big profits, a good strike rate and plenty of winnings to all punters who follow them. There have been many requests to start advising an accumulator as well as our NAP of the Day, which is the best and strongest bet from our tipsters. Other sites will advise lucky 15's, yankees, each way doubles, and throw in a trifecta and a goliath for good measure. Our racing tips are mostly single bets, which is even more impressive as most sites claiming big profits from their racing tips, often are boasting of lucky 15's and accumulators to hide their poor tips strike rate.


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Betting on horse races is legal in much of the United States. In the age of the internet and mobile devices, that often includes online wagering. Post Position The placement of a horse in the starting stalls, which is in relation to the position of the rail. Pari-Mutuel Bets are pooled, with the payout based on the number of bettors who chose a winner or other bet types.

This betting format is called pari-mutuel betting.

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Active community of horse racing fans discussing what matter most to punters. Topics include betting strategies, breeding, track bias, top horses racing news. Punters often have a lot to say about horse racing, punting, and err well pretty much everything. Our forum is your chance to join the conversation with real punters and racing fans.

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Horse Racing Data - GoodBet Horse Racing Software is intended for all bettors to help them identify the best horse betting opportunities. In these results material, we are trying to give a flavour of what is possible by showing our best results for the day. When we do provide outcomes, our intention is that they act as examples what is possible using GoodBet HR Advanced or Premium.

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Horse racing betting strategy. How to become a professional punter. How to make money betting on horse racing. Racing cliches, adages and excuses what do they really mean? Racing memories and what we miss about the punt from the Railway Stakes. What are the most popular types of racing bets? Bet types with an on-course bookmaker. Sportsbet Same Race Multi bets.

What to expect from the horse racing season. Which bookmakers can I stream live racing with?.

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Race horse trainer with state of the art training establishment at Hilltop Equestrian Centre in Newark. Mick started training on his own in and since then the yard has gone from strength to strength. National Hunt trainer based at Thorndale Farm, Andoversford in Cheltenham.

Kim has achieved the great jumps racing feat of having trained the winner of the Grand National, Gold Cup and Champion Hurdle. Peter and his wife Karen transformed, what was a modest bungalow and a couple of fields, into a top class racing yard. Trainer at Sprigot Lodge, situated between the famous Middleham High and Low moor gallops, with a string of over horses.

News and information from Tony Carroll's yard.

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Horse Racing Nation is a fan-powered horse racing community with horse profiles, race results, video replays, photos, free selections, picks, news and information. Jarrod Horak's best bet for March 5 is the sixth race from Gulfstream Park.

Hope his pointing to the Essex Handicap means we will be seeing him out East more often while Gift Box campaigns like Accelerate did. Posted by Pebbles 15 hours ago.

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